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The Post meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in Bentzel Hall

Post Officers

Post Commander: Jamie Lethiecq

1st Vice Commander: Rick Flinn

2nd Vice Commander: David Maldonado

Adjutant: Steve Goho

Finance Officer: Jeffrey Zinn

Chaplain: Liz Bentzel

Judge Advocate: Jon Hosfeld

Service Officer: James Comrey

Historian: Ron Weigle

Sergeant at Arms: Kaylee Deavor                                                Steve Carlen

                              Ralph Brown

Members at Large: Harley Estep 

                                Todd Deavor   

                                Mike Neff

                                Ron Weigle  


A Short History:


Our post in Mechanicsburg, PA was chartered by The American Legion on July 15, 1919, with 43 members. The first meeting was held on Thursday October 2, 1919 at the Old Hometown Hall. The original 1919 charter of our Post is framed and hangs on the wall in our Legion Commanders Office, it lists the names of our charter members. 


Our Post is over 900 members strong and growing. Our Post is an integral part of the greater Mechanicsburg community and proud advocate for veterans on the local, state, and national level. Our local membership extends throughout the county.      

Our Post Family:

Our Post, as the parent organization, has three other important units in our local Legion family They are:

American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Unit:

Founded in 1919, The American Legion Auxiliary is the oldest member of the Legion Family of units and most independent. The Auxiliary is a separate organization with their own legal and corporate identity. Please see our Auxiliary tab for more information. 

Sons of The American Legion (S.A.L.) Squadron:

Founded in 1932, Sons of The American Legion squadron consists of boys and men of all ages whose grandparents or parents served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Please see our S.A.L. tab for more information

American Legion Riders (ALR) Chapter:

Founded in 1993, The American Legion Riders are Legionnaires, S.A.L. and Auxiliary members, who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. Legion Riders are well known for their charitable work, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children's hospitals, schools, veterans homes, severely wounded servicemembers and scholarships. Please see our Riders Tab for more information.



The Post meets the 4th Tuesday of the month

Auxiliary meets the 3rd Sunday of the month

The S.A.L. meet the first Tuesday of the month

The Riders meet the first Sunday of the month

Home Association meets the first Wednesday of the month

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